Why buy Subaru?

Subaru vehicles have won huge plaudits from industry experts, auto journalists, and independent review sites alike. And even more importantly, Subaru SUVs and cars are notable for the loyalty and satisfaction they inspire in their many customers. What makes the Subaru range of vehicles so popular? Here are just a few of the most vital reasons.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency


It’s more important than ever to drive down fuel costs and cut harmful emissions, and Subaru cars and SUVs are designed from the ground up to have excellent fuel efficiency. Subaru is at the forefront of developing new fuel-saving technologies, from next-generation transmission designs to high-output turbo engines that generate maximum power from the minimum fuel.

Inspiring Performance


But being lean with the gas doesn’t mean that Subaru SUVs are lacking in the performance department. Every Subaru in the lineup benefits from advanced engineering to squeeze every drop of power and responsiveness from the vehicle, with the famous Subaru Boxer engine lying at the heart of most vehicles. What’s more, the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system delivers a rare amount of agility and dependable handling, making Subaru vehicles truly inspiring to drive.

Dependable Reliability

The reliability of Subaru engineering is demonstrated by the sheer number of vehicles that are on the road today. The latest figures show that over 97% of Subaru cars and SUVs sold over the last ten years are still being driven today, with their owners benefiting from lower repair bills and less maintenance disruption.

Advanced Safety


Subaru models receive Top Safety Pick awards from the IIHS year on year, thanks to both the impeccable engineering and the selection of advanced driver-assist technologies available on every vehicle. Every Subaru model sold can benefit from the latest systems, from automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection to adaptive cruise control for stress-free highway driving.

Versatility and Capability

Subaru SUVs are supplied fully equipped to handle all kinds of weather, all kinds of surfaces, and all kinds of driving styles. They also boast some of the most generous cargo and towing capacities available today, making Subaru cars as versatile as they are powerful.

Amazing Value


Lastly, Subaru vehicles are famous for packing a huge amount of features into every model, while still offering some of the most affordable sticker prices on the Canadian market. You won’t find a Subaru sold as a bare-bones unit that needs a slew of expensive upgrades to create a great experience – with a Subaru, even the entry-level trims will come extremely well-equipped and ready to enjoy. And what’s more, Subaru has one of the highest ‘residual value’ ratings in North America, meaning you’ll get more money for your vehicle when the time comes to trade it in for a new model.

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