Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

Subaru is continuously improving their cars, and this is never more true than with their EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. Not only has Subaru come out with technology that changes the future of driving, but they’ve also given their driver-assist system different levels of functionality.

What Is Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology?

Subaru has added EyeSight Driver Assist Technology to its lineup. EyeSight is essentially a driver-assist system. It’ll help you avoid accidents because it can detect obstacles on the road ahead and prompt you to brake or even apply the brakes for you. It also helps with lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and keeping you in your lane.

It uses two cameras mounted inside the car, one on each side of the rearview mirror. These cameras monitor what’s happening on the road ahead of you and will issue a warning if they detect something that could cause an accident. The system can detect pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles stopped at intersections or in your path while driving down a highway or country road.

Subaru’s EyeSight technology is a suite of driver-assist features that include:

  • The pre-collision braking system
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure and sway warning system
  • Lane keeps assisting function

Does Subaru EyeSight Only Work in Cruise Control?


Subaru EyeSight has become a popular safety feature in many Subaru vehicles, and you may have heard about it. However, can it be used outside of cruise control?

The answer to this question depends on which features you’re looking at. The adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning features can only be used in cruise control mode. However, the other features, such as pre-collision braking and a reverse assist, are always active while your vehicle is in motion.

How Many Functions Are There in Subaru’s EyeSight Technology?

There’s one primary function of Subaru’s EyeSight Technology, which is adaptive cruise control. This technology allows the vehicle to maintain a constant speed, so long as the driver has their foot on the gas pedal. If a vehicle ahead of them slows down or comes to a stop, EyeSight will slow down the car in response. It’ll then speed back up while keeping a consistent distance between itself and the car in front.

The secondary function of Subaru’s EyeSight Technology is collision avoidance, which uses cameras mounted at either side of your rearview mirror to scan for pedestrians and vehicles that might be crossing into your lane from either side of you. The system will alert you if it detects anything like this happening, allowing for more time for evasive action than if you had not been warned. Subaru’s EyeSight will automatically apply full braking power, even at highway speeds, if there’s an imminent collision threat!