Why service your car at Wolfe Langley Subaru?

Whether you drive a brand-new Subaru or an older model, keeping to a regular service schedule is an essential way to ensure a long life of trouble-free driving. Today’s Subaru models are amazingly advanced pieces of engineering and are built to last, but with so many components needing to work in harmony, it’s essential to catch any minor problems before they can escalate into something more serious and expensive.

Whether you’ve bought your Subaru from us or from somewhere else, here are the key reasons you should bring it into the Wolfe Langley Subaru service centre to take care of its regular servicing and maintenance needs.

1) Full Range of Maintenance Services

Our technicians can handle all aspects of routine maintenance to keep your Subaru in smooth working order. Our main services include:

– Oil changes and filter replacements.

– Tire inspections, rotation, and replacement.

– Transmission inspections and flushes.

– Engine tune-ups.

…and much more.

2) Major and Minor Repairs

If our inspections turn up a problem, we can fix minor issues there and then or give you a competitive quote for any more major repairs that might be needed. And of course, if you already know your Subaru needs some work doing on it, make Wolfe Langley your first port of call for excellent work at great prices.

3) Genuine Subaru OEM Parts

All our work is carried out using genuine Subaru OEM components to ensure a perfect fit into your vehicle. Every part has the same quality and specifications as the originals installed in the factory, guaranteeing full compatibility.

4) Expertise and Experience

Our expert technicians are fully trained and qualified to Subaru standards. Their experience means they know their way around all Subaru vehicles from all model years, and can isolate any issues quickly and efficiently. It’s usually a false economy to trust your Subaru to a general auto mechanic whose main experience might lie with other makes of vehicle.

5) Protect Your Warranty

If your Subaru is still under its manufacturer’s warranty, using an official Subaru service centre ensures it stays fully protected with no work done that could risk voiding it.

6) Keep an Organized History

Having a full, detailed service history available is vitally important for when the time comes to sell your Subaru. Book your car service appointments with us and you’ll keep your essential records organized and up to date, compared to mixing your car maintenance around a wide variety of service centres and repair shops.

7) Easy Booking for Appointments

Lastly, it couldn’t be easier to book your appointment at the Wolfe Langley Subaru service centre. Use our simple online form to give us your details and we’ll get back to you, or phone to reserve your time and date immediately.

Schedule Expert Car Maintenance Now at Our Subaru Service Centre

Whether you need a regular servicing appointment, a major bumper-to-bumper inspection, or an essential repair, our Subaru service centre can handle the task. Book your appointment now, and give your Subaru the attention it deserves.