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2022 Subaru Legacy Models

Subaru never disappoints when it comes to manufacturing powerful and elegant cars. The engineering team can integrate the cutting-edge technology with a sold vehicle performance, and this time they introduce the 2022 Subaru Legacy models.

With five trims, users have more than one option to choose the model that suits them and select the features that fit their expectations. These models are Convenience, Touring, Limited, Limited GT, and the Premier GT.

You can find some shared features among these trims, such as heated front seats, an integrated audio system with an Android or iOS device, and the EyeSight technology. However, it gets better in advanced models. Let’s check the following breakdown to see how these models compare.


The first three trims of the 2022 Subaru Legacy models come with a double BOXER® 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. This model has 182 hp and average fuel consumption of 32/42 (City/Hwy) MPG.

You can enjoy the 7.0-inch audio system screen that can be paired with a Bluetooth device, as well as USB and 12v ports. Every trim in this release is equipped with EyeSight® technology which alerts you if you drift away from your driving lane.

The price for this model is $26,795, which does not include taxes, freight, insurance, or if you want to have additional accessories.


The next trim from the Legacy collection has some upgraded features from the convenience model. The side mirrors are heated just like any other model, but in this model, they have an auto-dimming option, which improves your sight at night.

Additionally, this model comes with LED fog lights and de-icer wipers for the front shield, perfect for the icy winter in Canada. Moreover, users of this type enjoy the sunroof that comes with auto tilting and sunshade. The price of this model starts from $30,895.


The limited type of the 2022 Subaru Legacy models comes with more advanced technology incorporated in the vehicle. You can see the 11.6-inch tablet audio system control that comes with GPS navigation.

There are more additions to the sound system, such as 12-Harman Kardon® speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier. The rearview mirror dims automatically according to the lighting, and it has a compass as well for a better driving experience.

The price for this model is $34,895, which is the median price of all five types.

Limited GT

Designers added delicate touches on some specs of this model to make it more elegant. For example, the mats have the GT logo and an aluminum alloy on the pedals. The limited GT edition is worth $37,795.

Performance-wise, this edition is empowered with a 2.4L turbocharged SUBARU BOXER® engine, which comes with a boost that goes up to 260 hp. The transmission comes with a High-torque Lineartronic® CVT, which matches the car acceleration for a more smooth movement.

Premier GT

As the name stands, this edition gives a premium feeling for drivers and passengers alike. The door handles and mirrors are made from chrome, and the side mirrors are power-foldable, adjustable, and heated.

The seats and steering wheel have been made of leather, and there is ventilation for the front seats, which gives a luxurious experience. All this premium feeling $39,595